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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New Painting, "Ten Watermelons"

I recently read Popism, the Andy Warhol '60s and was inspired to begin a new series of Pop-inspired everyday objects. With the produce I've been growing and selling, what better place to begin?

"Ten Watermelons" is a 22" x 28" gouache on canvas panel. The original is available for purchase. Just message me!

Go to my online gallery to order cards, photographic prints, posters, canvas and framed prints, cards, and free E-cards.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


This painting was done completely on location under one of my favorite trees in our side yard. I was inspired by the simple scene of the dogwood trees sunlit from behind.

Painting the house...

Here on summer vacation, I'm sure we all have a long To-Do list of household tasks. But who would rather paint the house, than paint a picture of it? This painting was started outside plein aire and quickly sketched. Then I finished inside in the studio.

A challenge and my focus was to capture the different "layers"of distance.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Latest from Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

Can't Read the Email? Click HERE. Although I've been on a sort of "hiatus" for a while, I have some interesting developments in my art world that I wanted you to know about. I hope you check them out...

Buy Prints and Cards Directly

When I look at the list of galleries and shops around the state that have carried my work, a shocking number of them are out of business! In today's world, we're used to just ordering what we need right on the internet. To follow the trend, you can now order my prints and cards directly from my website via Paypal. Items for sale on my prints and cards pages have Add to Cart buttons, and you can shop the entire site and add what you wish. The prices are lower to allow for shipping. What I have in stock is priced to sell! Now you don't have to find my artwork in a shop or gallery; just order directly from me! If you're someone I see regularly or locally, I will refund shipping if you're picking them up.

Save the Healing Springs Springhouse!

I still remember seeing the Healing Springs spring house for the first time in western North Carolina. It was so beautiful that I had to paint it. Sadly, since then the structure sustained significant damage from a falling tree. The new owners of the property have launched a fundraiser to raise enough money to restore the spring house to its former glory. To assist with the effort, I have donated this original painting and they're using the image as a part of the campaign. Please consider donating to help with this fundraiser.

The Ocean Series

I have painted a series of tropical fish for a client and they're available online (but not from me). The first three are available and I'm working on a fourth (a sea turtle). Check them out! I'm considering beginning a tropical wildlife series, but am still in the planning stages.

Puzzles are Back!

I had to reprogram my puzzles, but they're back at my site. You should try them. I've heard they're addictive! The puzzles include some of my popular whimsical animals and also a few landscapes and some of my other works. My work still stretches across the state, including Boone, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Salisbury, Asheboro, Topsail Beach, and the Tin Rooster in Louisiana. I am always looking for appropriate new galleries in other areas to exhibit my work. You can see a helpful map of where my work is found on my website at Until next time, I hope you enjoy! ---Scott PS: If you're receiving this email as a forward, you can subscribe yourself to this newsletter HERE.To unsubscribe, simply send me an email and I will personally remove you.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

FREE Online Art Valentine's Cards....

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster's Whimsical Art Greeting Cards
Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster offers FREE Online Whimsical Art Greeting Cards for Valentine's Day

Did know that over 12 million Valentine's Day cards will be mailed this year? That doesn't count the ones that are hand-delivered, or sent through the internet. Why not send a FREE e-card from There are 6 so far to choose from using the whimsical artwork of Scott Plaster. charges $12 for a subscription to its e-cards, and some of their cards cost $1 each. A paper card would cost you $2-5, a stamp, and a trip to the post office.

Guys, this could be your chance to send something not too threatening to break the ice! 

Send one of these early, and there'll be time to get one back!

While you're at my site, you can check out online puzzles (also free), and my current exhibits.

Send a Card!

Happy Valentine's!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Few Thanksgiving Day Cards -- Just in Time

Hello All,

I haven't offered any new online cards lately, so since I had a little time today, maybe those of you that are online and can't visit everyone you'd like today -- can send a card or two to share those sentiments.

I have three cards to choose from, so check them out!

CLICK HERE to choose one and Send. 

---Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster's First in his Project Scuba Series

"Squirlie" -
 first in an ongoing series of commissions
Meet Squirlie, my first fish in Project Scuba.

I've been busy this summer. I just finished a new website for a non-profit organization, which will be unveiled soon. Part of my "creative energies" go into website development, which means less time for painting. But meanwhile I've had time to make headway on a very exciting art project. Let's call it Project Scuba.

Project Scuba began when I was contacted out of by a local businessman entrepreneur named David. I'm very easy to find on the internet, and David was specifically looking for a local NC artist who specialized in animals. David and his wife Sara are avid scuba divers and they soon came up with a novel idea for a niche market. Scuba divers always bring home souvenirs from their trip -- everything from cards to hats to T-shirts. So instead of have their choices limited to imported trinkets, why not create a high-quality line of products using fine art images?

I was selected because of my "whimsical" treatment of my subjects. I have done a few seascapes and marine life, including my "Crab in Space." David and his wife were anxious to see how I would create similar creatures with the tropical fish that divers see on Caribbean reefs.

We struck a deal for a series of commissions and the rest is history. We've chosen four fish to get us started. David and Sara are getting not only the original paintings out of the deal, but reproduction rights, leaving me the initial sum plus royalties.

The first painting in the project is called "Squirlie," a squirrel fish commonly found on scuba trips. David says it's like "a glamour shot of a fish" with the its lighting effects and treatment. Sara said she wanted the fish to look friendly, while I wanted to make him look "squirlie." Squirrel fish are known not only for the squirrel-like tails, but their wary behavior.

If anyone is interested, prints are on their way, and there will be hats and T-shirts. I can forward your name and contact to David, who is setting up an online store and marketing these to dive shops.

The best part was that Therese and I went out to eat to celebrate -- Captain Tom's Seafood. Mmmmmm.

---Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster