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Monday, August 18, 2008

Cosmic Cow: My New Home Page at

Picture of Scott Plaster
My New Home Page at
by Scott Plaster - Monday, 18 August 2008, 02:15 PM

My New Home Page at

I'm really excited to announce that my new home page is ready at I'm using this url on all of my promotional materials and so I wanted a one-stop page where people can go to access my biography, artist statement, blog, online gallery, newsletter, and contact information.

I added fancy navigation buttons and put them on all of the pages so they would be tied together, and I added a Contact "feedback" so people can easily contact me without having to use e-mail.

Please Check It Out and let me know what you think! (go to the Contact page and fill out the form).

This is the type of page that our Cosmic Cow Society member artists can create to be "portals" for their own sites -- completely customizable and you can point your very own url web address straight to it!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Cosmic Cow: "Crab in Space" -- Painting in Progress

Picture of Scott Plaster
"Crab in Space" -- Painting in Progress
by Scott Plaster - Friday, 15 August 2008, 06:47 AM

"Crab in Space" -- My Next Painting

I've decided to do another whimsical (but mean) animal. I had toyed with the idea of the title, "I'm Going to Peeeeench You," but then I noticed that the blue and white-speckled enameled lid the crab was sitting on looks like one of those original sappy outer space. This treatment would let me disembody the crab from its background a little and focus on creating some depth through different parts of its body. Here is the edited image (based on my photograph and edited in Photoshop) ready to draw on canvas:

Crab in Space
"Crab in Space" Edited Photograph

I had to add to the image on the right-hand side by using airbrush, clone, and brush tools so I could slide the crab over the left enough for my liking. I wanted the eyes to be left of center, and the front claw to be right of center, to create a little movement. Compared with the photograph, I also rotated the crab about 10 degrees clockwise to make the image more dynamic.

So far, I've created an 8"x10" printed reference then overlaid a grid to help me draw the background on canvas. I only have the claw done so far:

Crab Beginning
my drawing so far (just the claw)

Crab Grid
photo reference with grid overlay

 Wish me luck on my progress! I'll keep you posted...



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Friday, August 8, 2008

Cosmic Cow: Corrected: NEW Cosmic Cow Image Gallery

Picture of Scott Plaster
Corrected: NEW Cosmic Cow Image Gallery
by Scott Plaster - Friday, 8 August 2008, 02:13 PM

Sorry: Previous post had incorrect link


Hello All, I just completed our new Flash-based online image gallery, so please take a look at our artwork with its new presentation. I apologize for you having to follow a link, but it won't display inside of an e-mail:

NEW: Check out the New Cosmic Cow Society Image Gallery...

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cosmic Cow: Feature Story: Sand Artist Dave Dandron

Picture of Scott Plaster
Feature Story: Sand Artist Dave Dandron
by Scott Plaster - Wednesday, 6 August 2008, 07:54 AM

The Difference Between
a Dreamer and a Quitter:
Featured Artist Dave Dandron

August 2008

I first met Dave Dandron on the beach outside a resort in Florida last summer. Dave is a sand artist working and living on the beautiful beaches of Daytona Beach. Although unassuming by nature, Dave sometimes attacts a flock of observers to his sculptures-in-progress as he spends sometimes days creating them. His sand and wood artworks have been featured in publications regionally and nationally, but his greatest accomplishment is the way he approaches life and his attitude about his circumstances...


Dave Dandron
Sand Artist Dave Dandron

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Cosmic Cow: Scott Plaster Presents "Pelican Peeking"

Picture of Scott Plaster
Scott Plaster Presents "Pelican Peeking"
by Scott Plaster - Monday, 4 August 2008, 10:31 AM

Scott Plaster Presents "Pelican Peeking"

30"x40" oil on canvas

This close-up of an Eastern Brown Pelican shows off its vivid color and varied textures. The artist has always wondered what pelicans must be thinking as they sit there trying to pretend they're invisible. The rosey pink background gives this work a slight unearthly quality and ties in the rest of the colors. Textures abound, with the different types of feathers and the scumbled texture of the bone-like beak. This painting is one of the latest in the artist's line of "whimsical" animals, and this one fits right in to that theme!

Final Painting - Pelican Peeking

Click to enlarge

"Pelican Peeking" is Available at the Following Galleries:

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Cosmic Cow: Pelican Peeking - The Overpainting

Picture of Scott Plaster
Pelican Peeking - The Overpainting
by Scott Plaster - Monday, 4 August 2008, 08:41 AM

Pelican Peeking - the Overpainting

After our Florida trip, I came back inspired to finish the Pelican:

Palette Setup for Background

Step Six: The Background

Using my disposable palette, I experimented with color mixtures using only zinc white, burnt sienna, alizarin crimson, indian red, raw umber, and ultramarine blue.

I knew that the rosey color I was looking for was primarily indan red (light red oxide), but I added a little alizarin crimson for a more pinkish cast. Just a hint of burnt sienna and white made my main color for the background.

I scumbled in some blue and more of the reds in the upper corners. I started with white in the lower corners and I worked in some raw umber to make a little grey.

Palette Background Mixture

Step Seven: The Completed Background

Pelican Background



Here is the painting with the completed background. This picture also shows the completed black and white back of the bird. I painted the white streaks first, then using a very dark umber/blue mixture, I created the darks, then highlighted the white feathers again (using some thick paint to create the wispy feature texture).

Step Eight: The Bird's Head

I did the top of the bird's head next usng mainly burnt sienna, blending down to the back of the bird's head with a very dark mixture of umbre and blue. I made a light blue green mixture and made wavy strokes to capture the wooly texture there.

I got carried away and didn't get pictures in between these steps! But here are the highlights:

  • I did the top of the head next with an attempt to capture just enough of the feather texture to be convincing. I highlighted the right edge of the head with white and then a dark color on the vertical lines.
  • I created the wooley white plume in between the dark left and the green. Using lots of paint, I piled it on to create the texture and then went back in and created more darks (grey).
  • Next came the interesting green underbeak. I covered it with a base green, then made a blue green and went back to add the lines, noting the cross texture, as well as the lines that run down vertically. I went back in and added highligts in key spots to create some light.
  • It was at this point with the blue green that I experimented with a scumbling approach on the beak. With a very dry brush, I scumbled over the beak with various colors, leaving most of the underpainting showing through. I only went back over at the very end to create a few lighter areas, but nost of the richness of the colors was achieved with scumbling and a very dry brush.
  • The eye was a challenge in form and because the colors. I attempted to capture the "roundness" of the eye. Note the many little round lids around the eye, which I did in a peachy color. I added a highlight in the pupil as the last touch.

A Small version of the completed painting is to the right. I will post a larger version as a separate post.


 Final Pelican Painting