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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Latest from Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

Can't Read the Email? Click HERE. Although I've been on a sort of "hiatus" for a while, I have some interesting developments in my art world that I wanted you to know about. I hope you check them out...

Buy Prints and Cards Directly

When I look at the list of galleries and shops around the state that have carried my work, a shocking number of them are out of business! In today's world, we're used to just ordering what we need right on the internet. To follow the trend, you can now order my prints and cards directly from my website via Paypal. Items for sale on my prints and cards pages have Add to Cart buttons, and you can shop the entire site and add what you wish. The prices are lower to allow for shipping. What I have in stock is priced to sell! Now you don't have to find my artwork in a shop or gallery; just order directly from me! If you're someone I see regularly or locally, I will refund shipping if you're picking them up.

Save the Healing Springs Springhouse!

I still remember seeing the Healing Springs spring house for the first time in western North Carolina. It was so beautiful that I had to paint it. Sadly, since then the structure sustained significant damage from a falling tree. The new owners of the property have launched a fundraiser to raise enough money to restore the spring house to its former glory. To assist with the effort, I have donated this original painting and they're using the image as a part of the campaign. Please consider donating to help with this fundraiser.

The Ocean Series

I have painted a series of tropical fish for a client and they're available online (but not from me). The first three are available and I'm working on a fourth (a sea turtle). Check them out! I'm considering beginning a tropical wildlife series, but am still in the planning stages.

Puzzles are Back!

I had to reprogram my puzzles, but they're back at my site. You should try them. I've heard they're addictive! The puzzles include some of my popular whimsical animals and also a few landscapes and some of my other works. My work still stretches across the state, including Boone, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Salisbury, Asheboro, Topsail Beach, and the Tin Rooster in Louisiana. I am always looking for appropriate new galleries in other areas to exhibit my work. You can see a helpful map of where my work is found on my website at Until next time, I hope you enjoy! ---Scott PS: If you're receiving this email as a forward, you can subscribe yourself to this newsletter HERE.To unsubscribe, simply send me an email and I will personally remove you.