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Monday, November 29, 2010

No One Loves the Adorable Little Doggie???

"Still Love Me?"
How cruel! I can't believe that little Millie here has so few votes. I know, I know.... yet another dog painting! Well, you should know that I don't do pet "portraits." Anyone who has seen "Miami Lewie" or "Cry Baby" knows that.

Millie is a cute little terrier owned by my friends Perry and Susan. If you know them, you probably know some of the stories. Millie has been known to chew up just ONE each of many, many pairs of shoes, and basically anything else chewy or leather-like left anywhere where she can grab it.

One day, they came home to discover that Millie had taken a FULL 2-liter bottle of soda, taken it into the back yard and buried it neck-up with just the tip left out of the ground.

How adorable is that?

Perry and Susan would really like a painting of their cute little doggie. I think this pose makes her look especially "whimsical." I would be sure to show her curly tail at the top. I am thinking of surrounding her with pink.

Vote for her now (to the left). 

What Do YOU Think? Harmless Whimsy or Deadly Global Menace?

"Collection of Flies" - Whimsy or Menace?

I recently painted "Collection of Flies," a series of four 12-inch square paintings of flies in different colors, and entitled them "Fly North," "Fly East," "Fly West," and "Fly South." When he saw them, an artist friend of mine asked:

"A disease vector distributing misery and death to millions for centuries. Does this have some particular meaning for you as an art icon?" 

I responded by asking him what HE saw in them. He said:

"Scott – Warholian multiples of a deadly global menace – unrecognized by westerners. Treated as if it were a bluebird. I don’t know if you are conscious of it, but you are projecting something deadly through an innocuous decorative image. Either well done bravo or what the f***. So, do you have layers of meaning here, or are you simplistic? I doubt the latter."

Well, what do YOU think? Please comment in the blog below to let me know.....

By the way, these Flies are on exhibit at the Community Arts Cafe and are offered as a part of a special Holiday Sale at 20%. Come down and get a FREE Coffee just for checking them out!
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vote for Me, Or Not...Do you Think I Care?

Vote for Me, Or Not...Do you Think I Care?

OK,  I know I'm not pretty, but wouldn't I make a cool painting? Maybe I would be signing autographs instead of fighting for minnows. I'm edgy and cold, just like these rocks behind me. I'm pissed, 'cause somebody stole my last fish. If you vote for me, I'll be immortalized forever as a "Whimsical" animal .... whatever that is. Then you can get prints, and cards, and yippee... a Stand-Up. I'll be in online image galleries. I'll be hung beside cats (uh oh), and cows, and Lord knows what else.

Vote for me, yippee......Just look over there to the left somewhere. <<<<<---------

For a description of all the "contestants," click here:

Scott Plaster's Art Blog: OK, What to Paint......??

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Cute Little Duck" Needs Your Vote...

The "Cute Little Duck" Needs Your Vote....

This possible future painting I'm considering because this little guy is Soooo cute. We saw him on vacation in Florida when we tried to find a quiet place to enjoy our fish and "chips" at Epcot. We found a nice spot by the water, and this little fella waited patiently until we were finished. Of course, we had a few fries left over, and Therese tried to kill him with vinegar (ick....).

The only issue I have with creating this painting would be to make it purposely different than "Neon Duck." I think that wouldn't be too tough.

Isn't he cute? If you think so, then VOTE for HIM on this blog (at the left).

To see all the contestants, go here:

Scott Plaster's Art Blog: OK, What to Paint......??

"Neon Duck"

OK, What to Paint......??

What to Paint?

OK, Christmas is coming up, which gives me some time to do a few (hopefully) paintings. I've also been able to paint on weekends. I have a few ideas in mind (shown below). What do you think? What should become my next whimsical animal? Use the poll on the left hand side of my blog page to cast your vote!


Cute Little Duck

Seagull With Attitude

Hungry White Ibis

Adorable Little Doggie

Friday, November 26, 2010

Integrating this Blog with my Facebook Page

This will be an interesting experiment. So many of use Facebook, and the updates get lost in an endless jumbled stream. I'd like to publish a blog that will automatically be integrated with my Facebook account. Write once, publish wherever. We'll see how it goes.

I'm now trying RSS Graffiti (a Facebook application) because the blog import on Facebook often does not work.