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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Top Reasons to send one of my Whimsical Art Valentine's E-cards

Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster's Whimsical Art Greeting Cards
Top Reasons to Send One of my Whimsical Art Valentine's Cards
Hello All. I found this extremely informative bit in a Facebook group recently, and so I'll quote it here:

"People usually send cards to convey a message: to show that they care, are thinking about someone or congratulating somebody, but did you know that:

a. About 200,000 trees are pulped every year just to send cards over the Christmas period? Even if these trees are from sustainable sources there will be an environmental impact because of the machinery required to process them.

b. Each year millions of items are lost in the post. Cards are particularly vulnerable as they are easily identifiable and may contain money.

c. The average person sends 55 greeting cards per year and spends a whopping £75 - £100. Hey, times are getting harder right now!

e-mail has replaced informal letter writing.

Digital photography is/has replaced conventional film.

So why not replace paper cards with eCards?

Whilst people would love to send eCards the reason that we don’t is because we fear that we may be perceived as being cheap, thoughtless or less caring.

Come on Wake Up! Nobody said that sending a greeting card needs to be expensive or that the amount of feeling conveyed is directly proportional to amount of hassle endured obtaining it! You can send an eCard with just as much feeling attached to it as a paper one.

All that is required is a sender e-mail address (which you have otherwise you wouldn’t be on Facebook right?) and a recipient e-mail address, easily set up.

Good reasons to send an eCard instead of a paper card:

1. Miniscule environmental impact. (Computer has to be plugged in - granted)

2. Cheap/free to obtain. (Check for spam though)

3. Free to send. (Major bonus)

4. No risk of it getting lost in the snail mail. (Major bonus)

5. Huge choice and lots of suppliers.

6. Fun and interactive.

7. You can still add a personalised message.

8. Quick and easy, no last minute running down the shops.

9. Money can be sent via internet banking/PayPal instead. It won't get pinched en route and you won't have to worry about cancelling cheques that didn't arrive.

All that is required is to gradually adjust peoples’ thinking. Why not have a chat with your friends and family to see how they feel about it.

Sending an eCard instead of a paper card is perfectly acceptable."

--Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

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