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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Featured Whimsical Artists: Thaneeya McArdle and Pristine Cartera-Turkus

Check out the two newest artists at Favorite Whimsical Artists:

Enjoy! ---Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster

Whimsical Artist Thaneeya McArdle
Whimsical artist Thaneeya McArdle is an internationally collected artist who has been creating art for as long as she can remember. The passion for her art shines through in all her work, from the abstract to the photo-realistic, but especially in her whimsical art. Her philosophy is embodied in her image below. ART ShOuLd B E :

Whimsical painting by Whimsical Artist Thaneeya McardleWhimsical Artists: Art by Thaneeya Mcardle

In addition to her personal art site below, she also has a great whimsical venture at Art is Fun.


Learn more about Whimsical Artist Thaneeya McArdle.
Whimsical Artist Pristine Cartera-Turkus

Whimsical artist Pristine Turkus calls herself a "a modern Folk Artist." She loves scribbling, painting scenes that catch her eye and ideas/memories that move her. Her paintings of folk art angels, mermaids, seascapes, flora and fauna, and musical instruments are colorful, fun, and captivating. Turkus is a self-taught artist living in Huntington Beach, California and also an Interior Designer.

She began using her artwork as accessories for her client's houses, stores and offices. When she started posting her work online a few years ago, she gained an audience of admirers and buyers around the country and even world. Her artwork is done in mixed media (oil, acrylic and ink) and she likes using joyful, whimsical colors. She says, "the most common comment I hear regarding my work is that my artwork just makes people smile."
Turkus is often solicited for commissions and has sold her art all over the world.

Whimsical painting by Whimsical ArtistPristine TurkusWhimsical Artists: Art by Pristine Turkus
Whimsical painting by Whimsical Artist Pristine TurkusWhimsical Artists: Art by Pristine Turkus


Learn more about and buy art from Whimsical Artist Pristine Turkus.

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