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Sunday, December 19, 2010

How about Sending This One?
Time Running Out? Try My FREE Online Greeting Cards 

It's getting closer to Christmas; time to send one of my free Online Greeting Cards. Most cards are $.99 at, and even for the cheapest Walmart card, you've got postage and a trip to the Post Office.

Why not send something with some local flavor to the art and animal lovers on our list?

It's REALLY easy. No logins, no annoying music, no payment. You can add font effects, and even get a message when the card is picked up. You've got nine images to choose from, including "Mewwhy Quasmus" featured here. The original 30"x40" "Neon Duck" painting was based on an actual duck I fed at Country Park near the Natural Science Center in Greensboro. She was the very mild-mannered (unlike the boisterous geese surrounding him), so she was my favorite. The original sold shortly before Christmas last year, but it is still available in cards and prints.

Other Notes: 
  • Don't miss the Cosmic Cow Society exhibit at the Community Arts Cafe in Winston-Salem. The show has been extended until the middle of January. At the show you will see my "Collection of Flies" and more...
  • I've completed a handful of other website upgrades, including a "jump" menu on the navigation bar with links to the most popular pages. I've also refined the look somewhat to make all of the pages more consistent. You'll also notice a new effect in the masthead with the picture rotation!

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