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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time Running Out: FREE e-Cards and Other News

Time Running Out: FREE e-Cards and Other News
It's getting closer to Christmas; time to send one of my free Online Greeting Cards. Most cards are $.99 at, and even for the cheapest Walmart card, you've got postage and a trip to the Post Office.

Why not send something with some local flavor to the art and animal lovers on our list?

It's REALLY easy. No logins, no annoying music, no payment. You can add font effects, and even get a message when the card is picked up. You've got nine images to choose from, including "Greetings from the North Pole" featured here. The original 22"x28" "Tazewell Mountain" painting was based on a scene from Tazewell County in Southwestern Virginia, where I used to live. Yes, the mountains there really do look like that! The original painting is hanging on the wall of my classroom, and is available as a greeting card and in one of my card sets.

I've been hard at work on MY WEBSITE. If you haven't taken a look lately, please do! I have it decorated for the holidays, but I've also added some visual effects, totally rebuilt the site to make pages easier to find, and also added a contact page. I recently added a neat little Cry Baby home button, and made the images on some page rotate through a set of different pictures. My site has an image gallery, but also has separate pages to showcase my cards and prints. There's even an interactive page where you can play with the animals from my paintings! See if you can see anything different about the animals in the header...

If you'd like to know more about my work, I was just featured in a newspaper article available online below:

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