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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Vote for Me, Or Not...Do you Think I Care?

Vote for Me, Or Not...Do you Think I Care?

OK,  I know I'm not pretty, but wouldn't I make a cool painting? Maybe I would be signing autographs instead of fighting for minnows. I'm edgy and cold, just like these rocks behind me. I'm pissed, 'cause somebody stole my last fish. If you vote for me, I'll be immortalized forever as a "Whimsical" animal .... whatever that is. Then you can get prints, and cards, and yippee... a Stand-Up. I'll be in online image galleries. I'll be hung beside cats (uh oh), and cows, and Lord knows what else.

Vote for me, yippee......Just look over there to the left somewhere. <<<<<---------

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