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Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Cute Little Duck" Needs Your Vote...

The "Cute Little Duck" Needs Your Vote....

This possible future painting I'm considering because this little guy is Soooo cute. We saw him on vacation in Florida when we tried to find a quiet place to enjoy our fish and "chips" at Epcot. We found a nice spot by the water, and this little fella waited patiently until we were finished. Of course, we had a few fries left over, and Therese tried to kill him with vinegar (ick....).

The only issue I have with creating this painting would be to make it purposely different than "Neon Duck." I think that wouldn't be too tough.

Isn't he cute? If you think so, then VOTE for HIM on this blog (at the left).

To see all the contestants, go here:

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"Neon Duck"

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