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Monday, November 29, 2010

What Do YOU Think? Harmless Whimsy or Deadly Global Menace?

"Collection of Flies" - Whimsy or Menace?

I recently painted "Collection of Flies," a series of four 12-inch square paintings of flies in different colors, and entitled them "Fly North," "Fly East," "Fly West," and "Fly South." When he saw them, an artist friend of mine asked:

"A disease vector distributing misery and death to millions for centuries. Does this have some particular meaning for you as an art icon?" 

I responded by asking him what HE saw in them. He said:

"Scott – Warholian multiples of a deadly global menace – unrecognized by westerners. Treated as if it were a bluebird. I don’t know if you are conscious of it, but you are projecting something deadly through an innocuous decorative image. Either well done bravo or what the f***. So, do you have layers of meaning here, or are you simplistic? I doubt the latter."

Well, what do YOU think? Please comment in the blog below to let me know.....

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